Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Start

It's the beginning of a new year but the end of January is quickly approaching and before you know it Christmas decorations are back on shop shelves and you wonder where the year has gone! So on this rather chilly Sunday I finally decided to get down to business and start writing a blog. I'd been toying with the idea for ages but just like going to the gym it's one of those things I've just kept putting off.

I've been working as a stylist assistant for just over a year now and I've just come to the realisation that I miss writing, putting my thoughts and new insights into words. It is simply great therapy; writing something down, sharing an experience and savouring moments. It could just be as basic as a moment that I felt great in the outfit I wore one particular day, so when I look back I have something to give me an instant flashback into the past and the journey that I've travelled. 

I'm guessing that most people's thoughts, if they come across my blog for the first time, is why 'Fashion Dim Sum'. Well in all honesty I found it difficult thinking of a name for this blog. Fashion is most likely to be the main focus but I know that I want to write about all sorts, from food to relationships to essentially anything that holds an interest to me. So 'Fashion' to state the obvious and 'Dim Sum' relating somewhat to me, being a BBC (British born Chinese) I just felt it was quite appropriate. Basically I'm Chinese and two of my great loves are fashion and food. But more than that, looking into the meaning of 'Dim Sum' you'll discover that it translates to 'touch the heart' or 'point to the heart' so this is my intention, to write about things that in some way 'touch' my heart :)

Here's a quick glimpse of "Fashion Dim Sum" moments of 2012:

Who's knows what's in-store for the moments of 2013, but please come back and find out! ;)
Thanks so much for reading!