Sunday, 3 February 2013

365 days ago...

Having shared a glimpse of 2012 in an array of images I thought I'd share some of those memories in words as well as visuals! This time last year I had been in Hong Kong for 2 weeks already. Chinese New Year (CNY) had just passed and a lot of food was consumed because that's what we do! :D I ate a lot of the traditional CNY foods such as 'Loh Pak Koh' (Cantonese pronunciation) which in English is radish cake. Here's a recipe I came across from a food blogger 'The Little Teachew':

Breakfast is served ;) My aunty cooking up her homemade Loh Pak Koh.

Of course I also went to eat dim sum during my time in Hong Kong. Here's a fine selection from 'Yue' a michelin star restaurant in City Garden Hotel, HK.

When it comes down to what to wear on CNY, my outfit is sure to feature the colour red. Traditionally the reason being that red is a sign of prosperity and good luck. Keeping it smart casual I decided on a raspberry red silk blouse with comfy skinny jeans. Comfort was key here since CNY in Hong Kong is guaranteed to have you stuffing your face! Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture at the time (most likely too busy eating :P) so I've thrown it on now instead...
*Unwillingly changes out of comfy onesie*...*snapsnap*...*changed back into comfy onesie* - There's always a truth behind a picture ;)
As you can see I am also holding a few red envelopes ('lai see' in Cantonese). It is an ancient Chinese tradition that these are handed out to younger generations, by their parents, grandparents, relatives and close family friends during CNY. To show your respect you must receive a lai see with two hands and greet the giver appropriately. There are various things you can say but being a bbc I am awfully shy with speaking Cantonese.  But I can confidentely say "Gong hei fat choi" which essentially means Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Being in Hong Kong I wanted to try and wear something red throughout the CNY holidays. However I don't own a whole lot of red clothing so I made sure I packed my very red handbag to feature in all my outfits throughout the CNY festive period.
Exploring Hong Kong Park, Central

It was such a nice walk, definitely worth a visit :)

 Yay! ^_^

Now it's 2013 and the year of the snake is upon us and I am so looking forward to spending time with family and friends to celebrate Chinese New Year. It's a wonderful time to catch up with loved ones and honour our culture. How will you spend your CNY and what will you wear? Whatever you do don't forget, something red! xoxo