Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Skater Dress

As we approach the end of April I feel it's safe to say that Spring has arrived, be it still slightly temperamental with a random spell of hailstones on what I thought was going to be a nice clear sunny day. No sign of those pretty blossoms but a fair few daffodils appearing with their happy yellow petals. It is a fact that the sunshine makes us feel happier and can add life to our complexions with its boost of vitamin D. So as the sunshine becomes more frequent (we hope!!) in the approach to Summer it is the perfect reason to inject some springtime colours into our wardrobes!

The skater dress is a great wardrobe staple that can see you through all the seasons. During the winter, add thick tights, or tights and over the knee socks, plus cardi, plus jacket, plus scarf, gloves, hat, earmuffs, basically all means to keep warm! But spring is the best time to show off your cute dress to its full glory, no hiding away pretty prints with a big coat and a scarf. Now your dress can be the focal point. As a self-confessed +ASOS addict, which I will add I know I am not alone ;), I have been eyeing some great options of skater dresses. The thing about the skater dress is that it works on pretty much any shape. If you have been blessed with an hourglass figure this is a certainly a flattering shape as it will enhance your natural curves. If, however, you were not Jessica Rabbit this style of dress it can help to create curves by nipping you in at the waist and a nicely flared out skirt will create the illusion of the hour glass shape you dream of! Depending on the dress you could even add an underskirt to give it extra volume.

Here are a few of my fave skater dresses that are available from ASOS at the moment...

These two are by Ted Baker. They are the same dress just in different colour ways. I love the contrast of the red floral lace on the neutral base colour as it gives a hint of colour. But for those who love bright I really like this spring yellow! It's a great reflection of happy sunshine, spring and summer. 

Floral prints go hand in hand with Spring. For those girly-girls out these will surely emulate your femininity. Click here and take a closer look at the dress on the left and here to check out he dress on the right.

If prints don't take your fancy, going plain never fails and in a variety of neck lines, skirt volume and skirt lengths you will be spoilt for choice. Here are my fave plain and simple choices which I would be delighted to have all in my wardrobe. The blue ballet wrap style to the left would be a great casual daytime choice. The middle coral coloured dress has a more dressed up feel, perfect for a spring party. To the right this citrus yellow dress by Motel is my top pick just for the off the shoulder neck line <3 

The skater dress has become a must have wardrobe staple. This dress is so easy to transition not only through the seasons but from a daytime look to evening. Just pick your accessories carefully and you'll be able to take your daytime outing into your evening party without worrying about carrying a complete change of clothes. There is something for everyone! But which one takes your fancy? Although don't take too long to decide, before you know it you'll be covering up for winter again haha who knows with this hormonal British weather! ;p

Happy Sunday Evening! ^_^ xoxo

Friday, 5 April 2013

The spring in my step!... not so springy! Hopefully by now everyone has winded their clocks an hour forward and aren't living in the wrong time zone ;)

As time has sprung forward I can't say the same for the weather! It's hard to believe that it was around 20 degrees this time last year!! At this point I seriously feel like summer is never coming :'( and this certainly isn't the way spring should feel! No sign of pretty blossoms on these sorry looking bare branches...

The bare branches of my back garden >_<

I have indeed enjoyed wearing my cute cosy knits and switching up my coats and jackets but I am so ready to ditch the winter wardrobe in exchange for spring/summer 2013!! I took the below picture last summer and it seems like it was more than a year ago!!! I cannot wait for the delicate blossoms to cover the trees in pretty pink and give me back the spring in my step.

I miss you Summer 2012! xoxo