Friday, 31 January 2014


"It's Chinese New Year Baby! :D"

Today is a great day as I get a second fresh start to the year! So it's CNY and it isn't a huge affair celebrating it in the UK as I don't have a huge amount of relatives here but it's still an event. In Hong Kong we would be having a massive gathering with all my aunties, uncles and cousins, it's always epic, good food, great company. Here in the UK on the actual day today it's just my mum, dad and myself eating a traditional dish for dinner, then over the weekend my cousin's will be joining us for a fabulous feast!

Tonight's dinner - apparently in english it's called Buddha's consists of veggies, most importantly dried mushrooms and a type of black hair-like algae, pronounced "fat choy" in cantonese, which sounds like 'prosperity'.

Since today is just a casual day at home, I am dressed for comfort in leggings and a cosy red knit sweater from +ASOS. Red is a colour of good luck and it is a traditional belief that wearing red of bright coloured clothing on CNY scares away evil spirits and bad fortune.

Really looking forward to this weekend, it will be a nice family bonding time with real good food and fun times playing with my baby cousin! Hope all who is celebrating CNY has a great time, whatever you have done already and whatever you will be doing this coming weekend.

Check out this video for meanings of CNY cantonese greetings. Click here :)

San nin fai lok, gong hei fat choi, San tai gin hong!


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